Landscape Gardener apprentice

Landscape Gardener apprentice

Job Type : Permanent, Apprenticeship, Full Time

Salary : £4.30/annum

Landscape gardeners are the creative and practical workhorses who create functional, beautiful and relaxing gardens for all kinds of clients, from local councils and universities to private companies and individual customers.
Using their talent for design and passion for practical work, landscape gardeners are responsible for designing, crafting, regenerating and maintaining outside spaces.
The creative side of a landscape gardener’s job involves two main stages: briefing and design. First things first, the landscape gardener will meet with their client to discuss their wants and desires for the proposed landscaping project. They will then produce a series of sketches, plans and designs before presenting them to the client.
Once the designs are finalised, the landscape gardener will be responsible for taking care of the business side of things: hiring equipment, recruiting additional labourers where necessary, and procuring all of the required materials, such as wood, cement, wood chippings, pebbles and soil.
Job type: Traineeship onto Apprenticeship 16 to 19 years old

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