Junior Software Developer – Data Metrics

Junior Software Developer – Data Metrics

Job Type : Permanent, Full Time

Salary :

Our status as a world-class VFX facility has been achieved through the development of industry-leading software which empowers our artists to create stunning imagery. We have curated a considerable portfolio of off-the-shelf and in-house software to meet these unique requirements, and continue to evolve and improve our technology as new needs emerge. The Core Engineering team operates within a larger R&D division to provide the business critical infrastructure that enables multiple projects with thousands of shots to be simultaneously completed across the globe efficiently and to the highest quality.

A blend of globally distributed software, systems and operations experts, we are responsible for building and maintaining key infrastructure and services in collaboration with site-local engineering teams and other specialized development teams. With users in all areas of the company, our solution (the Core Platform) is based on a distributed micro-services environment providing capabilities in areas such as compute, storage, sync, and digital asset management. Development and operational support spans the stack from operating system through to desktop/web application front-ends.

In recognition of the flexibility, scalability and maturity of the Core Platform that has been created by the team for MPC, we have been tasked with establishing the Core Platform elsewhere, making it available to other business units that are part of Technicolor’s portfolio.

About The Role

As a Software Developer in the Core Engineering team, your role is to further the development of the Core Platform to meet the needs of our users and the wider business.

You will draw on your skills and experience to both extract and modernise the Core Platform for use by other Technicolor companies, and to maintain ongoing use by MPC. You will focus on developing the robust and scalable Metrics Platform.

The Core Platform has a broad scope and diverse user group. While there is some expectation of the role to work across multiple aspects of the platform (building features, fixing bugs, general enhancements), some developers do specialise and focus on specific subject areas. This may happen immediately, or after some time having gained familiarity with many areas of the platform.

Your Responsibilities

In this role, your responsibilities will include;

* Work with a mix of local and remote Team Members to ensure realistic planning, scheduling, and regular deliveries of the results to internal clients

* Work with senior and lead developers to improve and conform tools and workflows to a global roadmap and to emergent show necessities

* Produce documentation and support users in the maintenance phase, and contribute to demonstrations during exploratory phases

* Work with your colleagues to extend capabilities, fix bugs, and improve performance from start to finish.

* Define and develop services that form part of the 'batteries included' offering of the metrics platform.

* Advocate for professional standards of development.

* Troubleshoot problems across different levels of the stack, and in production environments.

* Take responsibility for code quality, always leaving projects in better state than before you started work.

* Contribute to maintaining an authoritative source of documentation.

* Evangelise use of the Core Platform within MPC and other Technicolor business units.

* Take initiative to improve the developer experience in small or large ways.

* Provide some level of operational support for the platform as required

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