Academy @ The Focus – 3DDMP/Environments

Academy @ The Focus – 3DDMP/Environments

Job Type : Permanent, Full Time

Salary :

You are applying to join the Academy @ The Focus course for 3DDMP/Env. A 3D DMP artist has a generalist skillset. They know a bit of everything. Whether it’s modelling, texturing, digital matte painting, layout and asset management, or even helping out other departments, if it’s in the background of a shot, it’s our job to make it look good. While you have previous training, this course is designed to sharpen your skills to be the best 3DDMP artist you can be. Whether it’s working out areas of your game that need practice or introducing you to some techniques you may not have realized you’re good at, this is what the course is about.

What do we offer?

* A free online course of 8-10 weeks to get you up to the standard required to deliver first class VFX

* Dedicated mentoring from a senior industry member

* Intensive training using industry standard software tools (provided) while using our high-quality training materials

* Continued access to video tutorials featuring industry experts and the potential to use your project work in showreels

* The opportunity to apply to available roles at Technicolor, and to potentially receive a bonus, if offered a position

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