Superseding Interview

Be prepared-

Though there is nothing better than spontaneity, being proactive always helps. Plus, your confidence and approach boost when you know that you are ready for tough questions and tensed interview session. Your awareness can fetch you the dream job. Get to know some easy tips while preparing for an interview that will help you go a long way.

Punctuality reflects your alertness and enthusiasm-
Be sure to arrive a few minutes prior to the specified time. Keep the postal address, and contact number of the recruiter handy so as to avoid any mishaps. You may store these in your mobile phone, however a hard copy backup is recommended. Schedule your journey from home to the place of interview a night before. Your punctuality will definitely win you a positive point.

Select appropriate attire-
Prior to you, your appearance makes a mark. Though formals are recommended, you may rely on business casuals depending on the profile you have applied for. In any case, make sure that you are dressed in clean and properly managed clothes. Plus, do not compromise on your comfort. It will ensure your focus on the interviewer rather than on what you are wearing.

Keep away from unwanted items-
Leave your gadgets like music devices, and gaming consoles at your home. Still, if you carry them with you as a partner during your journey from home to office, ensure getting rid of them prior to entering the premises. Remember, the recruiter notices your attitude towards work and your keenness towards mobile games and music may lose you a point.

Research about the company-
You must know about the place where you want to work. Surf the internet and visit the recruiter’s website to know about their business line, market standing, background, and clientele. The interviewer most often asks the reason why you prefer to work with the organization. You will definitely impress him/her with your knowledge about the place you are considering for working.

No bad words about previous/present employer-
Never get carried away. Even if you believe that your present Boss lacks management skills, talks rudely, or passes failures on you, do not say this to the recruiter. The market standing of the recruiter and the responsibilities of the profile for which you have applied can be the best reasons for your switchover.

Stay focused-
Listen to the interviewer carefully so as to respond with relevant answers. Do not get attracted to the décor of the room, neither get distracted with the temperature. Your alertness would reflect that you are interested. Also, ensure to reply in a polite tone. Give relevant answers and avoid excessive talking and laughs. However, a smile on your face throughout the session will definitely win you a point.

Remember, you will not a get a second chance. Questions asked by the Interviewer can be tricky enough to extract true answers. Though honesty is rewarded, you have to be diplomatic so as to surpass the competitors. Don’t lie; however do not say the entire truth. The Interviewer assesses every candidate on the basis of answers. Make sure that none of your answers reflect the negative traits of your personality and give your competitors an edge.

Discussed below are some Interview answers that can turn down your application:

Why are you looking for a job change?-
While replying to this question, do not make statements like –

  1. My present reporting Manager does not understand me.
  2. My Boss acts as an autocrat and doesn’t listen to his/her subordinates.
  3. I am asked to work beyond my scheduled working hours.
  4. The appraisal policy is not satisfactory.
  5. I don’t feel comfortable with my co-workers.

Instead, you can say that the job responsibilities of the new job attract you. The Profile seems to be very much in line with your skills and competence. Plus, you can mention your conversation with one of your friends working with the new employer that has motivated you to be a part.

Can you share any of your weaknesses?-
While replying to this question, do not make statements like –

  1. I don’t have any.
  2. I do not like my seniors to interfere in my work.
  3. I am not a team member; rather I love to work alone.
  4. I find it difficult to accept feedback.

Instead, you can share any weakness about your personality that doesn’t affect your working attributes. Plus, saying that I have been trying to overcome my weakness by employing an effective approach and have succeeded to an extent, will surely impress.

Why should we hire you?
While replying to this question, do not make paradoxical statements like –

  1. I am the best.
  2. I am a workaholic and think nothing except my work.
  3. You’ll regret if you don’t hire me.
  4. No other contender can match my skills.

Instead, give an elaborated answer to this question. You can say that your attribute to deliver results even in tough conditions makes you fit for the job. Else, share your knowledge about the product / service line of the employer and explain how your experience can help in securing more customers / clients.

Do you have any questions for me?
While replying to this question, do not say ‘No’. Plus, avoid questions like –

  1. Am I selected?
  2. When can I apply for a leave post my association with you?
  3. What is the pay date?

Instead, ask questions about the job responsibilities. This would reflect that you are concerned about working and delivering your best in case you are selected.


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